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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Durham County as opposed to Durham City also has a coat of arms and a flag which derives from that.

The coats of arms is desrcribed as:

Azure Or a Cross Or square pierced of the field between four Lions rampant Argent each ducally crowned Gold and grasping in the dexter claw a Sword in bend sinister proper pommel and hilt also Gold as many Lozenges Sable in the fess point a Rose Argent barbed and seeded proper; the Shield ensigned with a Mural Crown Gold.

However this coat of arms has only been in existance since 1961 when Durham changed it's borders to incorporate part of Yorkshire.

The much older coat of arms is the See of Durham These arms appears first on the seal of Robert Nevill, Bishop of Durham from 1438 to 1457. The lions are possibly derived from the arms of the great Thomas Hatfield, bishop from 1345 to 1381, whose seal contains his arms, a cheveron between three lions. This shield, with the field red and the cross and lions silver, has been found, it is said, as the ensign of S. Denys, bishop and martyr. It is worthy of note that the Bishop of Durham is the only prelate in England who should use a mitre having a coronet about its rim. This distinction belongs to him, and to him alone, a sign of the palatinate authority which until 1835 was exercised by the occupants of the see

See of Durham

The commercially available flags is shown below.

Durham county flag

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